Free improvement course for drivers aged 18-24

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Human life has the greatest possible value and we are responsible for doing all we can to save it.

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    Our vision:
    Every loss of life is unacceptable. Our vision is 0 casualties in road accidents.

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    Our mission:
    To increase road safety by changing the system and the behaviour of individuals.

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    Our goal:
    Helping young drivers to improve their skills behind the wheel and to prevent traffic emergencies.

About the project

About the project

START DRIVING is an educational course that enhances the theoretical and practical skills of young drivers aged 18-24.

The course is also open to parents who will learn mentoring skills to guide their children in developing their driving skills.

The course is divided into two parts:

The first part aims to supplement and deepen knowledge and responsibility using traffic psychological seminars and workshops with the Traffic Police of the Czech Republic.

The second part aims to improve driving skills by teaching in safe driving centres and evaluative drives in road traffic.

This year, the project newly includes educational activities for driving school teachers, and two mentor-focused dates that address in advance the agenda of issuing driving licences for 17-year-old drivers who will be required to drive with mentors.

Course contents

Course contents

1) Morning block

  • lecture and presentation by the Police of the Czech Republic
  • traffic psychology workshop by an accredited traffic psychologist
  • road safety team workshop
  • practical evaluation rides in traffic with an instructor

2) Afternoon block

  • safe driving theory and crisis management
  • presentation of assistance systems
  • practical crisis management
  • emergency braking at various speeds to a complete stop
  • turning/ understeer/ oversteer
  • braking on different surfaces (wet, slippery, dry)
  • safe avoidance maneuver

Statistically one human life was saved and 1 756 traffic accidents were prevented thanks to the START DRIVING project.

We cover the whole Czech republic

START DRIVING courses can be taken at eight centres of safe driving across the Czech Republic.

Participants' references

Miroslav Rybička

It helped me a lot, I was glad to try out vehicle control on water and I definitely feel more confident behind the wheel, especially in making turns.

Anna (21)
Miroslav Rybička

Me and my daughter really enjoyed it. I'll be a bit calmer when I let her drive in traffic. We both tried driving disciplines on the polygon and I think everyone should try it.

Petr (49)
Miroslav Rybička

I drive quite often, but I find every experience useful. On the polygon I could try what I could not do in traffic. It was a day well spent.

Jiří (19)

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The project continues in 2023



From January 1st In 2024 it will be possible to drive a vehicle from the age of 17 under the supervision of a mentor for a minimum of one year. The mentor must meet objective requirements and must not have any serious offences. START DRIVING has become a pilot project for the newly introduced legislation.

Our partners

The project has received financial support from the Damage Prevention Fund, making it completely free for its participants.